AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellenceby creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction,design, and production of digital communication.

There are 227 categories in a broad range of categories under DigitalMarketing, Web / Television / Video / Audio Communication and Electronic /Social / Interactive Media.

Over the past two decades, the Association of Marketing and CommunicationProfessionals’ judges have earned a reputation for accuracy, fairness andcredibility. Based on their work experiences, judges have an expectation foreach individual entry.

Judges verbalize their criticisms, compliments etc. and then agree on a score.Entries receiving scores between 90-100 points are Platinum Winners. Entrieswith 80-89 points are Gold Winners. Entries scoring from 70-79 receive anHonorable Mention certificate.


Agency: SocialEyes Communications Inc.
Category: Social Media | Digital Marketing
Collaborating Agency: The Community Agency
Client Name: Sphere Developments (Lot 16 Development Launch)

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